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Yeauuh a Regular Show blog! It's anything but.


Just saw the most recent Regular Show and it’s official: I’m in love w Thomas



Thomas played Goldeneye 007 all week to prepare himself


Wow~! Tonight’s episode of Regular Show was really good~! It was nice to see Thomas in the spotlight again~! And don’t even get me started on Gene’s Formal Wear and Benson in that East Pines suit b/c omg- be still my beating heart *lmao

Thomas rocked the night!


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Rigby’s reaction was the best

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The Regular Show tag is horrible. Half of the posts aren’t even related to Regular Show.

Ugh it’s true


Ta-Da~! After seeing the palette I was inspired to draw Benson wearing his coat from “Benson’s Car” just because~! And then….I kind of got a little carried away~! *haha*

Sorry that this took me so long to finish but thank you so much for sending me the request in the first place~! Hope you like and wow~! This was lots of fun to make~! *haha  ♥♥♥